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ALCANTAPCB, specialized in printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly for morethan 20 years, We specialize in custom design and production of high-complexity multilayerPCBs, encompassing substrate packaging, comprehensive PCB testing, final packaging, globalshipping, and more. Our commitment is to provide top-notch solutions tailored to meet yourspecific needs

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PCB Manufacturing

We specialize in manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs) and offer a comprehensive range of services, from rapid prototypes to high-volume production, including assembly (PCBA), for customers worldwide.



We provide rapid PCB prototype manufacturing services and welcome special orders involving premium layering and unconventional materials. Competitive pricing and excellent quality ensure significant benefits for our customers.


We offer turnkey PCB services, covering everything from design to assembly and final testing. Our extensive design tools and manufacturing process expertise enhance customer design efficiency.

How to initiate the order process for PCB manufacturing and assembly services

Needs Analysis

Conduct a thorough analysis of customer requirements and technical specifications in initial communications to accurately capture the customized PCB requirements.

Design Proposal

Provide a personalized PCB design proposal, including circuit layout, layer structure, and other key parameters. Emphasize close collaboration with the customer to ensure the design aligns with their expectations and technical requirements.

Technical Discussions and Confirmation

Engage in in-depth discussions with the customer about the design proposal, explain technical details, and ensure a clear understanding of the PCB design and technical features, reaching consensus.

Material Selection and Procurement

With customer approval, select high-quality materials that meet design requirements and proceed with procurement. Ensure selected materials comply with industry standards and customer expectations.

Production and Quality Inspection

Transform the design into actual PCB products, following rigorous production and quality inspection processes to ensure each PCB meets design specifications and quality standards. Customers may participate in inspections or audits at this stage.

Delivery and After-Sales Support

Timely deliver the customized PCB products to the customer and provide after-sales support. Ensure any issues during usage are promptly addressed, fostering the establishment of a long-term collaborative relationship.

What do our PCB products include?

Our dedicated team customizes components at every stage, ensuring flexibility and meeting specific needs. For design inquiries, contact us for free assistance.

PCB production

PCB production

  • Layer count: 1-50
  • Finished copper thickness: 0.5-12 OZ
  • Minimum line/track width: 2.5 mil
  • Minimum line/track spacing: 250 microns
  • Finished board thickness range: 0.1-10mm
  • Minimum drill hole size (mechanical): 0.15mm

PCB Assembly

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Traceability through PCB two-dimensional laser marking
  • RoHS and lead-free assembly
  • Component outsourcing or turnkey projects
  • Various IC packages including BGA, CGA, QFN, DFN, CSP

Special materials

  • FR-4
  • High-frequency materials
  • Metal substrate
  • Flexible PCB materials
  • Ceramic substrate
  • Polyimide (PI)
  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Rogers board

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